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Coming from an automotive collision repair facility, founder Jason Iaci has proven business experience. His previous business was a successful auto body shop located in Springfield Va.  From this background, he realized how preparation is 99 percent of the job and the finished product had to be perfect or the customer would not be happy.  Living by the motto that if you were not happy with how your vehicle came out you did NOT have to pay. Jason learned the hard way about hiring a contractor when his father’s home was damaged by trees in a bad storm.  The contractor that his father’s insurance company recommended failed to obtain any permits and after completion had to rip the whole roof off and re-do the whole job over again.  He learned after that experience that he could do a better job and do it right the first time.  That’s when Nova Contractors LLc was borne.

Are we different from all the other contractors around?  Yes.  Many contractors only care about one thing and that is money and how quickly they can finish your job and go to the next. They over charge you on materials and buy inferior supplies from big box stores. Then they take any extra materials that you paid for to their next jobsite so they can make even more money.  Nothing hurts worse than when you have to pay for work that you know is substandard. I have experienced that feeling, and it has motivated me to help others through my business allowing others to obtain quality workmanship for their hard-earned money.

If a company tells you they will build something to code you should run away as fast as you can.    We ALWAYS build beyond the minimum code requirements.  If code calls for two screws, we put in three.  Our basements and anything we build are built with safety and small children in mind.  Kids can break anything and everything.  They hang, jump, and swing on about anything they can. Trust me I have four small children myself!  If we hang something like a shelf, ceiling fan, or clothing rod rest assured that it will be built in a way that if someone were to play Tarzan it will not pull out of the wall and fall down.

What sets us apart.
Code is the absolute minimum to which something can be built and still be considered safe.
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