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We would like to invite you to come take a look at our model basement located in Lorton Va.  This is our showcase that demonstrates  not only the quality that we deliver but also the creative side of our work.   It features quality but affordable materials and finishes.  There are a total of five cleverly hidden secret doors located throughout the model.  We are masters at utilizing every square inch of space.  We find unique ways to incorporate special features like a custom-made dog house under the stairs, two built in book cases concealing pipes.  These areas are commonly unused and just drywalled over by most other contractors.





                In the model, we started off by removing the builder grade insulation.  We then added 2-inch-thick foam panels to the wall and 1-inch-thick foam panels on the floor.  Over the flooring foam we added ¾-inch tongue and grove plywood followed by REAL ¾ inch hardwood flooring.  Acoustical sound deadening insulation was added to the ceiling and to all the interior walls.  This “system” combined with batt insulation affords an unheard-of value of R 25.  This basically turns the basement into a giant “cooler” making it the most comfortable space in the home.  It turns the previously freezing cold basement in to the warmest part of the house in the winter and the coolest part of the house in the summer.  An added benefit to this system is that although there are ample HVAC registers they all remain in the closed position all year round, saving on heating and cooling costs. 

               The bathroom incorporates a stunning Carrera marble 16 head steam shower with a Kohler digital interface. This shower incorporates both a lay down “bed” and a recliner made totally out of marble that is perfect for an aging in law or a real lazy person! There is also a low mounted hand held shower head designed especially for dog washing.

               The custom stone bar seats ten people while an ingenious granite foot rest provides a cost-effective alternative to the traditional chrome or brass round bar foot rest.  The quality cabinets were acquired at an affordable price and are customized for the space.  There is a custom back lit pineapple onyx liquor rack and plenty of display shelves.  An ice maker, dishwasher as well as a drink refrigerator and freezer round out the bar accessories.

               There is a one of a kind stone fireplace adjacent to the surround sound TV and the future location of a 1000 gallon built in fish tank.  Potentially wasted space was filled with a built-in home work area for the kids.

               The gym features a comfortable rubber floor with mirrors and an ingenious built-in 75-inch TV that conceals the entrance to the mechanical room.  There is also an entry door in to the steam shower from the gym.  This not only adds a level of convenience but also aids in the drying out of the steam shower drastically reducing the possibilities of mold and mildew forming in the shower area. 

               There is nothing worse than going upstairs and realizing that you have left a light on.  That’s why smart wiring and occupancy sensor switches were chosen.  All the lights can be controlled from the stairway eliminating the need to walk around and shut off all the lights.  This is just one more example of how a little thinking ahead makes life a little easier.

               To top off the basement there is one more area that is of special importance.  Although the costs for this area were extremely minimal the benefits of this area are priceless.  Inside a certain closet somewhere in the basement there is a super-secret room that is accessed by a secret door.  Once again, most contractors would just drywall over this area and you would lose valuable space.  These are just some of the features that we are capable of.  The sky is the limit and whatever you can imagine we can make happen. We will make your dreams come true!

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